Ride 4 The Animals

Ride 4 the Animals

We are their voice....
It all begins with you

You did not land here by accident, there are no coincidences. Maybe you have never cycled more than 5 miles or maybe you are a pro who does a metric century every weekend; whoever you are at the Ride 4 the Animals Event we all become one. Excitement fills the air when we set out on the road, knowing we are making a difference. This may be the year to test yourself and go the extra miles. We can't do this alone~ and we appreciate each and every one of you. Trust yourself and be a part of something great.


behind the scenes - working hard to make your event outstanding.

Your Registration Team

We welcome you
We arrive before the sun comes up to set up a smooth and easy registration. Please park in the grass lot- join us for a pre ride coffee or cold bottle of water. If you register early we will have WAG bag ready for you :)

Your Pit Stop Team

We nourish you
We are here to nourish and support you along the route. Stop by and grab a cold drink, bar or fruit to fuel your next miles. We will cheer you on!

Your SAG Driver

We have your back
Thank you ChainWheel Drive for providing the BIKE SAG for this Event! We appreciate you!

Event Organizer

Here to support you before and during the ride!
Why do I Ride 4 the Animals? Because my heart won’t rest knowing there is still a difference to be made.