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Ride 4 the Animals

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About the Suncoast Animal League

The Suncoast Animal League is dedicated to the needs of the community as it relates to the Protection and Welfare of its Animals. They are a non-profit, no-kill animal rescue agency, taking in abandoned, abused, homeless and unwanted animals.

The Suncoast Animal League provides medical treatment, shelter, socialization and plenty of love to the animals while they wait for their forever home. In addition, they provide specialized services for animals traumatized from previous experiences and, in some cases, provides temporary foster care in a home setting for those animals in need of more intense, hands-on care. The Suncoast Animal League also counsels existing pet owners in solving common pet problems so that more animals are not abandoned or taken to shelters.


Let’s Fix Pinellas

The Facts* Last year, 53,439 cats and dogs were put to sleep at the bay area’s three animal services * 85% of the cats were put to death * At a cost to taxpayers of $14,622,799.00

The Problem
Every day, litters of unwanted kittens and puppies are born and there will never be enough homes for them. They are destined to die on the streets or meet the same fate after being rescued and brought to an animal shelter (see facts above).

The Band Aid Effect
We can put an animal shelter on every corner and do nothing more than fill the shelters without solving the problem. Animal shelters may provide temporary housing for these unwanted cats and dogs but their space is limited. Some will find wonderful homes (9153 were adopted from the three bay area animal services), most will not (53,439 euthanized). Shelters will boast about those who do and remain “mum” about those who do not. It’s not their fault, they are facing overwhelming odds. We know that we will never “adopt” our way out of this overpopulation problem and euthanizing thousands of animals every year is unacceptable.

The Solution
Drastically reducing the number of unwanted pets through a high quality, high volume, affordable and accessible low-cost spay/neuter clinic.

How you can Help
It will cost approximately $150,000.00 to open a low-cost spay/ neuter clinic. Donating to the Suncoast Animal League’s “FIX” Pinellas campaign will help us raise the necessary funds.

Take a look at our wish list to see how you can help us with our day to day operations.  Suncoast Animal League Wish List 

Do you live locally? Then consider the many volunteer opportunities Suncoast offers. You will be glad you did.

~ Live with Passion